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Quality assurance, flavor and low prices await you today at your Super C grocer! Consult now the flyer of the market closest to you and benefit from the best value for money! Take advantage of specials, discounts, contests and a host of savings on the best products, freshness at the table and healthy treats guaranteed!Add to my Favorites

SUPER C: Flavors from here and elsewhere at a better taste and at a lower cost!

A leader in the discount store segment in Quebec, Super C operates a network of 98 grocery stores and employs more than 6,000 people. Super C is part of the large METRO family, founded in 1947.

In 1940s Toronto, a guy named Chaim Burnett decided to invest $300 in a pick-up truck to start his new fruit and vegetable trucking business. At that time, the name Burnac Corporation was still far from resonating in his mind…

Grown from a one-man operation to one of Canada’s most successful businesses in history, Burnac Produce Limited is today Canada’s largest importer and distributor of grapes, citrus fruits, specialty tropical agricultural products and Chaim Burnett was one of the 100 richest people in the country in 2007!

A lesson in patience, honesty, work and determination coming from a man infinitely attached to family and traditional values, and so in 1982, Chaim Burnett’s son, Joseph, founded “Super Carnival” , a chain of stores specializing in the retail sale of food products.

Occupying very large surfaces of an average of 12,400 m2 each and offering more than 8,000 different products – including a wide range of house-brand products at super discounts -, after 20 months of operation in the Quebec region, the three Super Carnival implanted had already eaten away 19% of the food market share!

Accumulating successes in the Belle Province, Burnett launched the same kind of initiative in the Montreal region, and in 1987, Super Carnaval was purchased by Metro-Richelieu Inc., when the flourishing Ontario already had nearly 10 establishments around of the Metropolis!

Newly owned by Metro Inc., the chain operated under the Super Carnaval name until 1992, when it officially took on the Super C name.

The first discount banner to support local suppliers by clearly identifying products with the blue and yellow Aliments du Québec logo , Super C also specializes in essential international products, a matter of preparing our kitchens around the world! The chain is easily recognized by its simplicity, its low prices, its competitions and also by its slogan, simple and effective: “Beautiful, Good, Cheap”.