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From nothing to conquering the world…one family at a time!

It was in 1945 that Sam Walton opened his first business in Arkansas. Born in Oklahoma in 1918 as a kid, Walton grew up during the Great Depression and learned the value of money at a young age. Milk seller, then newspaper deliverer… Any monetary input was welcome on the family farm.

Water flowed under the bridges until the opening of the first Wal-Mart chains in 1962! Despite everything, in the meantime, Sam Walton will still have always taken the trouble to get involved socially and financially with his community: the local hospital, the baseball team, the Rotary Club, and, of course, the Chamber of Commerce in his hometown. In 1980, Walmart became one of America’s largest corporations, generating billions of dollars across 28 states.

Today, Wal-Mart is established throughout the world under various banners, but still maintains its basic philosophy: “To offer sought-after products at the lowest possible prices” . This is how, in Canada, since the 1990s, thousands of families have been able to purchase essential items for the home, the office, the garden, for school and for food, at very competitive prices.

Quebecers who shop at Walmart are happy to save money and thus save money to invest in goods and services that are not always “big luxuries”: heating in winter, vacations in summer, dance or hockey for the kids.

Walmart is now Canada’s largest retailer and one of the country’s largest employers. With nearly 100,000 employees, the company also makes it possible, each time a new store opens, to hire several professionals in construction, real estate and related fields: projects that provide good jobs and thereby lowering the unemployment rate in the country. An undeniable plus for the whole community!

In addition to offering real savings to its customers, Walmart offers consumers the convenience of a one-stop shop where you can find everything under one roof. This type of store, often considered a threat to nearby competitors, nevertheless proves to be an advantage for other types of businesses, often complementary to Walmart: restaurants, specialty shops, high-end products… In fact, the sale of certain types of products and services tends to be more positively affected by the arrival of a Walmart in the vicinity!

Sam Walton will simply have succeeded… where most fail. Also, for those who firmly believe that this mega-company is not in touch with the realities of the so-called “ordinary” population and the needs of their employees, let us remember the aid granted during the passage of the hurricane Sandy and actions taken by their stores to help their 34,000 unemployed victims during the passage of Hurricane Katrina! More than $4 million granted to their employees in need and nearly $18 million in cash, distributed during the first week following the disaster, in addition to beds, toothbrushes, trailers, food, water and even computers!

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Walmart Store Locator Near Me

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